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The Clock Hotel

Completed /1998/

The project was won through a competition involving three architectural firms and completed under Nettleton Willoughby and Williams. Louise
Nettleton was the client contact, the Green family and the late Anders Ousback. The Green family at the time managed many pubs, including the pub at 5 ways, Paddington.
The project scope was to create a new pub with restaurant, bottle shop and street frontages. A verandah had been part of some of the existing building in the 1940’s and removed in approximately 1970. Although the building had been destroyed by fire and left vacant for approximately 10 years, it was listed in the Heritage Schedule of Council.

Sub consultants required for the project were a Heritage architect, structural engineer, commercial kitchen consultant, access consultant, mechanical consultant, hydraulic consultant, BCA consultant and Quantity Surveyor.

At the time, the design was exemplary for the “period” that the clients briefed (French style brasserie restaurant and Bars) with zinc bar tops, banquettes, furnishings and fittings.

Rathbourne Lodge – The Royal Botanical Gardens

Completed /1999/

Won through a mini design competition with Bruce Willoughby Architect as joint Architect. The program was for pre design, design development, DA, CC (or equivalent), tender, tender selection and construction. It is a Heritage listed building, and the second oldest building in the Botanic gardens. It was originally the Kitchen Gardeners House to Governor Macquarie. The brief was to provide a new function centre for the Gardens that could operate both internally and externally.

The consultant team included a Structural Engineer, Heritage consultant (John Oultram), commercial kitchen consultant, BCA consultant/access consultant, hydraulic consultant and mechanical consultant.

We were directly responsible to the head of the Botanic gardens, at that time Frank Howarth (now director of the Australian Museum).
Construction was difficult with the old Tank Stream running underneath the building. During excavation the water table emerged putting pressure on the existing foundations of the building. This added to the complexity of the alterations requiring shoring up of the existing stone foundations at various locations during building work.

Palm Beach

Completed /1998/