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“It was while working on the final fit-out stage of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, with Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs (during my 'practice' fourth year at university) I discovered design never ceases. I understood that a great building is the sum of all its parts. Every element has to be designed and connected with each other for the sum to be a success. At the very core of what we do – to this day – there’s an understanding and a commitment to the fact the design is only truly complete at handover to the client.”

Louise Nettleton Architects (LNA) is an architectural and design practice based in Sydney with a portfolio that includes residential, public and commercial projects. It is run by its founder, Louise Nettleton, and opened for business in 1999.

Prior to LNA Louise worked at Tzannes Associates, Ken Maher and Partners, EMTB and Espie Dods.

Prominent LNA projects over the years have included the refurbishment of the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, the adaptive reuse of Rathbourne Lodge at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and the design of new facilities and dining room at Tetsuyas Restaurant. Residential projects of note have included Point Piper House, Clifton Gardens House and Foxground House.

Louise Nettleton Architects has won a number of awards for work that’s individual in scale, expression and materials.  Consistent to all LNA projects is a design process seeking to actively engage the imagination of the client and to produce buildings and spaces – within cost constraints — responding directly to the site and in synch with the individuals, families and communities who enjoy, inhabit and use them.

“If I were to articulate what’s most crucial to us about what we do in creative terms,” says Louise, “I’d say that we hope to create buildings that look like they’ve been rigorously thought about, considered and realised. I think an architect has succeeded if the initial concept is very apparent in the finished building. I also think that detailing is all about expressing the beauty of a building.”

In practical terms, the crucial element LNA is committed to is the one always fundamental to every project (but not always implicitly acknowledged or applied): staying within budget.

“I am very cautious to give clients cost plans so that things stay on track. What I always counsel my clients to do is engage a quantity surveyor. Architects have unfortunately become synonymous with projects that can overrun by as much as 100 per cent. The most I’ve ever been over budget,” says Louise, “is 10 per cent at the very most.”


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